“Good Food, Good Vibe, Good Karma…” is the concept of life…

We are an Asian fusion restaurant serving an East Asian mixed menu with a Bangkokian Thai twist by husband and wife team Bogdan and Jacqueline Niculae. Veteran restaurateurs in their native Romania, the duo traveled throughout Asia spending time in Thailand and Hong Kong where they were inspired by the cuisine, culture, and designs.

This led them to journey to Miami in hopes of replicating their success in what they describe as the most electric city. Located in the heart on Midtown on 3500 N. Miami Ave, The Gang provides an edgy culinary destination of value with generous portion servings for their artist neighbors looking for the Wynwood vibe – in essence the inspiration for the name derived from their circle of artistic friends.

The visual journey continues with a row of sky blue washing machines converted into a bar, color – blocked chairs and wood – topped tables adorned with orchids in orange and teal vases, Vintage – treated eggshell – colored armories and shelves double as server stations with an arcade video game in the corner to pass the time. The space’s creativity extends to the presentation of dishes The Gang also offers a late night lounge experience with a full mixology bar, and a top notch sound system.


Why Miami ?

For the past few years my family and I traveled to Miami on vacation. We were tourists to South Florida in the beginning but with time many of our friends from Europe traveled here as well and faces became familiar at the locations we frequented. At that point, we felt comfortable here locally with the loving people, new friends we had made and all the sunny reasons for us to consider Miami as a city to invest in for a winter vacation home. You have the perfect warm weather, the beaches, good food and a diversified international community mixed with real Miami locals. I couldn’t find a better one ! Finally, after doing some research and where the Euro – Dollar was at the time we felt Miami was going to be not just a Winter Get – Away but a full time home for my wife, baby daughter and careers.

What attracted you to this city like a business opportunities ?

Florida / Miami is still a young city compared to New York or other cities in Europe in many areas such as infrastructure, population, taxes etc… When I was traveling as a tourist we saw how many other people from other countries came here to invest because they felt their money and lives where more secure here in America compared to their countries of origin. We saw it with the Brazilian and Russian community and a few others. We saw the port of Miami, we saw the impact of tourism to the city, the growth of Downtown, Brickell, Wynwood, Design District, Miami Beach up to Sunny Isles and more. When you see what was going on at the time, the timing was right and that is when we knew Miami is a town for business with so many people from everywhere in the world.

Why Now ? What’s going here at this moment in time that makes 2015 the perfect moment in time to invest in Miami’s restaurant future !

We are in Miami’s era of a restaurant boom and the condos keep coming along with new residents. People are curious and with all the foodies and young new diners, the people are being more adventurous to try new things and travel to areas where in the past they would not have driven too.
Due to the real estate market and growth of our city, we found the right location and opportunity to open The Gang Restaurant on North Miami Avenue when the space became available to us and we could not let this opportunity pass us. We knew we wanted to be central and we felt being off the expressway to Miami Beach, Design District, Wynwood, Midtown Miami and close to the Biscayne corridor was where we needed to be geographically.
The time is now and we know where we came from, where we are today and where we need to be tomorrow and in the future. We are different, we are out of the box but we know we also need to adapt and grow with the area. Our motto is “A Concept of Life”, we very different and not traditional. We have a a modern design with an urban transit feel with refurbished materials mixed including an eclectic set of tables with some commonly seen outdoors. Our menu is a representation of our worldly travels mostly through Southeast Asia which leads to our Asian – Fusion World menu.