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Miami New Times - About The Gang Miami
Miami New Times wrote a really nice little article about our restaurant a few months ago… We will publish a little part of it on our blog…

The duo owned some restaurants in their native Romania before pursuing their passion of moving to Miami. “We had two restaurants back home, and because we had success with them, we decided we needed to do something in another part of the world. We love Miami and its weather,” Bogdan Niculae explains.

So what prompted the couple to open an Asian-fusion restaurant instead of one serving rich stews, stuffed peppers, and tart soups of their native country?

Niculae explains the couple’s ties to Asia.

“We traveled throughout the continent, spending time in Thailand and Hong King. The first time we were there was ten years ago, and we love the culture, cuisine, and respect. We also took a lot of design ideas from that part of the world, so we decided to open a restaurant that celebrates that.”

The Gang will serve sushi, as well as a mix of Japanese, Thai, and Indian cuisines, along with an array of beverages. But Niculae wants the restaurant to be about more than just food and drink. “The Gang is a concept of life. It’s about interior design, art, healthy living, and sports.”

The name, by the way, is derived from the couple’s circle of artistic friends who call themselves “the gang.” The name also fits into their new Miami neighborhood, also filled with artists and bohemians.

It felt nice to have such a warm welcome in a new place for us and we would like to thank them for the nice article. If you want you can read the full article HERE.

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